So we meet again

2012-05-30 @ 17:55:00

We stayed at Lebua in BKK. This place did not make my top 10 list
Hello from Bangkok! A pit stop on one of my world tours. I'll celebrate our reunion w posting some of the pics that I never showed you n answering some of the questions.

Again, the flower market, just don't miss it
Amazing food in China Town
We stayed in a villa at Casa del la Flora n that place made me never ever wanna leave

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Five things on a Sunday

2012-05-27 @ 10:55:57

Wheat drink decorated w hay n chilled w nitrogen
I wanted a carefree weekend filled with fun festivities n sun. I got more than I asked for. Come Friday I was so excited about going to a once a year event at Zeta bar where the create a Farmers Market in the bar. The scenerie is stunning n what you do is that you pick n choose from all kinds of different veggies, spices n fruits, put it in a brown bag n gives it to the bartender who magicaly turnes it in to a drink. Saturday morning I woke up eraly, went for a run, had brekky n just strolled the city. The rest was wine n dine, readning in the park n friends. So here’s to a spontaneous weekend that included great meals, lazy times, favorite places and a milkshake (or two) for good measure!

In the middle of all suits, market stalls
Edible soil and edible jelly worms served in mini flower pots w Absinth disguised as chlorophyll
Late dinner tête à tête at Fratelli Paradiso where I feel as welcome as in my own home (n so close I can use my wi-fi)
Lots of balcony inspiration at Bird n Bear
Lazy Sunday brekkie at home.
Homemade granola, green smoothie, papaya n coffe. A cross the street was Orlando Bloom having breakfast at Fratelli (yes I'm a regular at the same place as him :-) n I just had to sit on my hands to not turn in to a papparazzi w my new lens n all!

Right now, Vivid Sydney An anuall event n this is the second for me as a reccident whitch feels kind of big

If you are in Sydney at the moment, don't miss Vivid Sydney or Zeta Farmers Market
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Material girl

2012-05-25 @ 09:16:37
Cause we are living in a material world n I'm a material girl.

New in 1) my mixer/blender who came all the way overseas just to keep me young n healthy. Nothing but greens in this one.

We're already friends sins I took it for a spinn this morning w my Kermit drink. Cucumber / celery / spinach / spirulina / green apple / lemon / parsley

New in 2) N finally my new lens! Happy, happy, happy! On behalf on my blog n all my friends who's in it (n off course my 50 mm f/1.4 who now has a friend) I wanna say most welcome! Looking forward to try it.

Come on girls, jag vet att jag har en del riktiga hardcore fotoproffs bland mina läsare, vad tror ni, bra köp? (Ja jag vet, vi älskar den :-)
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On my weekend list - Organic bread bar

2012-05-24 @ 15:58:59

Organic bread bar, 356 South Dowling St
This weekend I wanna get fresh bread from this genuine n cute spot i Surry Hills. The rich, warm smell of coffe n the locals hanging around takes me back to a small village in Italy. The bread... don´t even get me started on the bread... Sit down w your paper in the rustic bakery n watch the bakers in action. Bring your dog, your whole family or become a regular n just talk to the staff.

Ooh hello carbs!
Kanske läge för ett surdegshotell även här i Sydney?
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Random babbling

2012-05-24 @ 07:35:26

The actual Monday
Det är torsdag men känns som måndag. Om det är bra eller kasst är svårt att säga. Dillen på grönt fortsätter. Upplyser en vän om att jag faktiskt älskar broccoli mer än godis och glass. Det blir pinsamt tyst, sen kallar hon mig skrytmåns. Annars dricks det kaffe med smak av blåa bär i sällskap av Enya, den senare slungar då och då nostalgi blixtar mot mig. Om en liten stund börjar en ny dag, torsdag igen fast denna gg på svenska. Bring it on.
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Running on green fuel

2012-05-23 @ 00:41:00
Everyday is a new beginning (right?), today the rest of my life kicked of w gazing out the windows of Globe (love the place) whilst treating myself to scrambled egg, spinach n avocado. So going from that, I'm thinking, could I do anything but rock this day?
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Midnight office

2012-05-22 @ 16:58:13
Jumped on an early bird flight to Melbourne this morning. Busy day. Beyond a very exciting but busy day in which I got lots of work done, I'm rewarded by checking in to one of my favorite hotels, The Cullen. Right now, just turned it in to an office to finish of on a good note.

A few snaps (don't you just love Adam Cullens work?)
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Five things on a Sunday

2012-05-20 @ 15:40:00
Best new discovery: The Roosevelt
Here comes the rain. When I woke up this Sunday morning to a grey sky I felt like singing in the rain. 15 days in a row of clear blue sky has been amazing but a rainy Sunday in the sofa was the icing on the weekend cake. Like most weekends this has been packed w my favorite combination: Friends, food n delicious cocktails. We kicked it of Friday w a blind date (almost) that was a huge success. Our new friends showed us a mexican fiesta n later we took them to the 50's for a drink. Saturday night we indulged in a trip to Greece n our favorite, The Apollo, which so far never failed. Also I've had pancakes in the sun, a run along the ocean, listened to this beautiful song n burnt through 84 Glimma tealight candles from IKEA. Now off to pick up Thai food, thinking I might need another detox...

Celebrating the extra day of weekend at Miss Chu n Bondi "5 dollar drinks night" w Irina
Love the lady n the dress (note to self. Need something w animal print)
Brekky in the sun, high on my list of small things that makes me happy
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A bright night

2012-05-20 @ 09:20:35

Leather jacket // Acne, Dress // Acne Magenta, Shoes // COS
My love for color is still going strong n Saturday night got extra spark w this pink beauty n colorfull friends.
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Put your high heels on

2012-05-18 @ 12:18:00
Getting ready for yet another weekend, hanging out on the balcony w my man, listening to music n watching Sydney turning up the volume. Tonight we're looking forward to enjoying mexican food w friends. Happy friday!
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What's not to love?

2012-05-18 @ 10:13:58
Spent this friday afternoon at Orto trading Co chatting away with these two extremly talented ladies, Emma n Jen. Crossing my fingers that they might do a home make over at my house at some point... Star of the show however was Orto’s house made waffles with fresh fig, maple syrup, walnuts and spiced butter, how gorgeous?
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A day in-between

2012-05-17 @ 11:24:00
National holiday in Sweden. Jesus went to heaven n so did I, or well a sunny Palm beach all to ourselfs is pretty close. Holding hands, ice cream, 25 degrees, no wind n sun pouring down on the empty sand.

The Boat House invited us w n explosion of colorful flowers...
...n a pair of canarys helping us finish the food
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Red n white pant snap

2012-05-14 @ 16:45:08
At the moment I have a huge craving for thoose Isabel Marant jeans spotted on stunning Tuula. I already have the heels so well that´s a start!
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New morning spot

2012-05-14 @ 16:41:51

Cook's muesli w greek yoghurt n fruit
My brekkie obsession is taking me deeper n deeper into a muesli addiction (my nr1 choice n a must have on weekends). So since I always eat the same we sometimes need to change location to get a little bit of excitement... Let me introduce you to thebookkitchen, a relaxed but ooh so "urban jungle family hangs out w still single female friend for Saturday lunch" place in the heart of Surry hills. We sat in the sun, had a pretty good muesli, the serving was more than generous on both muesli n yoghurt which is rare...

... n scrambled eggs on toast.
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Five things in the weekend

2012-05-13 @ 13:32:00

Yes please
Friday night was a success, we went out for date night (juice fast over, check!) n ended up on a double date w the table next to us n enjoyed a hilarious evening. Wine n dine, w new friends. Detox was over but I craved greens (now that's one nasty sideeffect ;-) so Saturday morning we took a stroll to the Eveleigh Farmer Markets, I went bananas n inhaled veggies, flowers, cute dogs, the weekend morning atmosphere w smell of coffee, fresh bread n pancakes. The weekend also consisted in a big celebration of Ryan's birthday w lawn bowling n BBQ, brekkie in the sun on the balcony, extremely exciting Sunday n a run in the sunset. Happy Sunday friends!

Asian pancakes whipped up by Kylie Whong
One stylish player
Either you got game or not

The magic is in the hands

Well... turns out that greens was'nt the only craving
Caught in the action
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All in store

2012-05-12 @ 10:47:00

Knitted blouse // Dagmar, denim shorts // H&M, heels // Zara, bag // Mullberry
Weekends kick ass. Detox is over, "eating was cheating", but I stuck it out. I'm celebrating my achivement w drinks in the afternoon sun.
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A whole lot of tea

2012-05-10 @ 04:42:36
Happy day 4th of detox. Variation is the key, right? I'm hanging out n working from La Buvette, drinking herbal infusions. To make it more exciting, my lovely friend does not tell me what flavour on forehand, that's a suprise. Oooh the things we do :-)
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n the sun keeps on shinig

2012-05-10 @ 01:02:00
Love the mornings. Sun is rising over Sydney, just had a run. Now sitting on the balcony, watching people having coffee on the street while scanning the inbox.
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The Fish Shop

2012-05-08 @ 12:53:54

So now I´ve been here twice n I´m ready to spill. Thursday night was datenight n we headed across the street to give pretty hyped Fish Shop on Challis av a try. First of all, I´m a bit partial, they are my neighgours n I love every spot in my street, also I love it´s sister Ms.G´s so they are of to a good start. The place is chic in a shabby chic Hampton way, crowded w a variety of people n the atmosphere is sizzeling.
We had the Fish n Chips, the chips were perfection n the fishs pending from good to freaky good depending on who you ask. Order to the table but not necessarily as your main.
Crumbed fish burger w bacon n chilli. Order this. Absolutly a winner n a must have. The fish was tight, bacon crispy n the chilli present.
The bar in the back, nothing like Lotus secret bar but I can hang ut here
Bloody Caesar n Salt n Malt Margarita
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One expensive smoothie

2012-05-08 @ 04:37:10
I´m doing a Urban remedy cleanse/detox. Since this weekend was essentially one long party, it was good timing but still maybe I'm in way over my head… Today is day 2 of 5, I'm cold n a bit restless. I work from home, thats not optimal. I´m with my head in the fridge constantly roaming for something to eat. Def drinking all the juices at ones in some kind of binge moment soon. But on the positive side; My bathroom is never be occupied, no one is judging me when I go there the 8 time in one hour or alert HR that I could be carrier of some contagious virus.  Failure or cheating is not an option, this does not come w a "your money back if you have a breakdown n eat a brownie" clause…  Now I´m of to Bikram yoga! Stay tuned

(And yes, this is really against everything I believe in. I'm more of a 100% balance girl, eat/drink/move a lot. But a challenge is a challenge)
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Can I take you home?

2012-05-07 @ 11:01:31
Dogs are my weak spot, I fall in love in a sec. This little guy was anxiously waiting outside the Deli in my house this morning. I fell down on one knee w my camera just to realise that he was expected to play not a photo shot.
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Five things from the weekend

2012-05-06 @ 10:42:32

Friday night in red
Oh man, this weekend has been over the top. When it rains it pours, n I´m wet alright. At this moment I´m recuperating on the terrace from a lovely mixture of celebrations, a dear friends birthdays n Cinco de Mayo el Mexican Fiesta at EL LOCO. We hosted drinks in our bar a la casa and visited Ms.G´s twice. The weather as been amazing n no sight of winter yet.

Birthday girl n smashing ladies (in the red light)

One crazy night, the fiesta was on.

Ice tea w lime sorbet in the sun, watching the trendy people of Surry Hills parading by

Trying to decide if thoose are keepers or not?

Sunday dip in the ocean
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The shy photographer

2012-05-03 @ 11:23:00

Studs, leather n print surrounded by outfits
Another sunny day n some snaps from between two meet n greet. And snaps is all it will ever be because to be honest I´m a bit of a lame ass, or I feel a bit awkward taking pics on people in the bar or sitting down for a show, I´m more comfortable w just secretly stealing their looks ;-) As (s :-) a result to that there is a lot of behind shots n shoes.

More animal print pant
Where it is controlled
A flight of bright coloured birds
Pants tucked in the 2012 way
Love everything about this look, outfit, bag, hair, nails, very effortless chic
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A first

2012-05-03 @ 03:44:56
This pie was amazing n perfect for spring dinners n partys. Serve w freshly baked bread, a salad n sparkling white. You wanted the recipie so here it comes!

Ersattes av några lager filodeg, enklare och nyttigare

2 purjolökar
5 karljohansvampar, frysta (går att byta ut mot motsv. jag tog kantareller)
1 schalottenlök, finhackad
3 ägg
2 dl mjölk
2 rosmarinkvistar, finklippta
60 g parmesan, finriven
1 rödlök, skalad
4 msk rödvinsvinäger
2 msk gräslök, finskuren
1 msk olivolja
1 msk lagrad balsamvinäger
smör, olja, salt, peppar

Sätt ugnen på 185 grader, klä en smörad pajform med filodeg

Skölj, skär purjolök i stubbar. Salta och bryn. Tina och bryn svampen i het panna m smör och lite finhackad lök. Salta, peppra, lägg på avrinningspapper. Vispa äggen med mjölk, rosmarin och parmesan. Fördela purjolök och svamp i filoskalet och slå på äggstaningen. Baka i ugn på 185 grader tills den fått fin färg och ägget satt sig. Skiva rödlök i tjocka skivor och stek hastigt i olivolja, slå på rödvinsvinäger och låt koka in. Salta/peppra. Fördela syrad rödlök och gräslök över pajen. Avsluta med att blanda ihop en dressing på olivolja och balsamvinäger, slå den över pajen och hyvla lite parmesan. Voila!
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Perfect conditions for fashion

2012-05-02 @ 10:41:45

During the first days of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, Sydney has shown nothing but blue skies n picture perfect fluffy clouds only there to add contrast. Have n will attend a few shows but the best people gazing, street style watching n celebrity stalking is as always outside of the tents, the bar n in the line to shows. Floral, bright pop colors n a complete domination of cheap shoes from Zara.

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