Good bye Sydney

2012-03-31 @ 04:30:00
Time to man up n jump in to my compression stocking because now I´m headed for jet another world tour. As always packing is a challange due to slightly different weather conditions n assignments… This time I´m combining exciting places such as Singapore, Bangkok, Thai beach villa, Stockholm, London, Gothenburg n Kalmar! Holiday n work! But all my friends n bloggers has promised me spring almost summer in Sweden…
Taught about doing one of those "In my carry-on" posts (very popular amongst chic bloggers :-) but, mine is never that fancy. First of all, I don´t have ONE carry-on, I travel w at least 3 bags. Most of the time those consist of stuff that I could´t fit in the big bag. And some regulars, my pillow, "calm me down/knock me out pills", my friend the flying elephant (a k a Flygelefanten) n computer/workstuff. But if I ever manage to travel in style, be sure you will be the first to know.
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Fredagsfika på farmen

2012-03-30 @ 15:27:00
Pre-launching easter n having a fiesta on chickens, bunnys, eggs n more new to me carrots n bugs (?!) Happy weekend!
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Thursday snaps

2012-03-29 @ 14:14:00
Typical Sydney house in the bright morning light
Coffee w lovely ladys
Walked under a roof of flowers
Stylish nails, drink and friend
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Le office

2012-03-29 @ 08:52:36
When the lights went out in the northern part of the world I took my office n relocated for some breakfast by the sea. Update, is this turning in to a breeky obsessed blog? More fashion coming up...
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Shooting star

2012-03-27 @ 14:03:00
A new favorite on the "breeky sky" is (at the moment) rather up n coming Robocog at Riley St/Surry Hills. A cute but soo spot on trendy place w nice staff and gorgeous food. I love everything on the menu. Everything. My go-to meal every time I go out for breakfast, yoghurt, granola n berry, is presented as a triffel and it is stunning.  Awesome coffee.
Pancakes w ricotta, berrys n fruitsalad
The hotspot on the menu, Breakfast burrito w chorizo, scrambled eggs n.....
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2012-03-27 @ 10:50:41
It´s springtime in Europe n even if my next trip back home is fast approching I´m suffering from a huge craving that cannot be ignored. Feeling a bit more satisfied now that some beautiful Daffodils moved in.
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Right now

2012-03-26 @ 15:08:52
...working 9-5...or not... but actually nothing to bitch about.
Where: Sitting in my favorite spot
Doing: Watching the city lights, drinking tea n answering e-mails
Listening to: This guy
Feeling: Warm
All in the digital company of lovely colleagues, friends n my impressive blogcrew
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Five things from the weekend

2012-03-25 @ 22:20:00
This weekend has had a very sparkling touch to it, it´s been champagne high n low.

The best weekends are the ones that are filled with all of my favorite people, foods, and activities all wrapped up into a relaxing couple of days. The sun has been shining and the sky constantly blue. In between eating n drinking w friends we´ve also been planing a fast approaching trip and met new friends.
No weekend is complete without Corn Fritters (also finished The Hunger Games)
Spent a ridicules amount of hours on the balcony w feet on the bannister, in the company of a drink, book, coffee...
Revisited The Apollo (loved it as much as the first time) and then had a Saturday night that spinned out of control.
Went to Sunday dinner w the most incredible food (and also got to hang out w Baxter who is named after this place).
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2012-03-25 @ 08:56:34
Woke up to a lovely Saturday morning w absolutly irresistble weather so we jumped in the car and spent the day on Palm Beach. Just digging our feets into the sand, reading, walking the beach n jumping waves. Blouse // Filippa K , shorts // Sass and Bide
Unexpected turbulence
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Mixed tape

2012-03-22 @ 22:37:00
Wednesday night we went to the opening of Stockholm Street Style n lovely Caroline Blomst exhibition here in Surry Hills, Sydney. That was an ok distance for attendig an event by Rekorderlig Cider, wouldn´t travel so much futher for a cider... But as expected the photos was amazing. After that we headed out to meet up with friends for wine n dine.

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A night in uniform

2012-03-22 @ 07:14:24
As much as I wish I loved playing around with clothes and different looks, I just don´t. So I kind of have a uniform n this might be it (the summer version). A silky loose top, shorts and some classics: my collection of bracelets, pumps & Mullberry. An easy, pulled together look that I keep on stocking up on by buying the same things over n over n over…
A closer look on the Tibi top that, let´s be honest, spends more time at the drycleaner than in my wardrobe. BTW (n please don´t mind the crazy face) last friday I wen´t to get highlights n my hair turned pink, a bit of a let down but I keept my (pink ;-) head cold n washed it 6 times n now it´s grey?
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Clearing my head

2012-03-20 @ 12:34:40
En kvällspromenad i solen längs Rushcutters Bay blev ett bra break mellan arbetsdag tisdag 1 och arbetsdag tisdag 2, tur att jag gillade filmen "Måndag hela veckan"... Nu på'tt igen! Hit me!
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Five things from the weekend

2012-03-18 @ 09:31:00
Had a shadow wherever I was

Vilken tajming, en helt sinnessjuk vecka avslutades med en levande stressboll. Vi tog tillfället i akt att helt ohämmat gosa med och bära runt på lilla E. Nu avslutas helgen med indisk take away och Sherlock Holmes.

A quite exhausting week got a really nice final touch to it w our little guest. We spent most of the weekend enjoying the benefit of having a puppy all to yourself. But there were also time for datenight at an italian restaurant, hanging out w friends, shaking drinks n a long breakfast in the sun (w little E in my lap, trying to read what I read n eat what I aet).
Hanging out in the sofa
Reading The Hunger Games in the sun (as fast as possible sins everybody is going to the premier at the movies next week)
Flat out Sunday
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What time is it? It's drink o'clock

2012-03-17 @ 08:57:20
Right now a lovely saturday is turning in to a promising evening, drinks at our favorite spot n dinner w friends. Wishing you all a happy weekend! Trevlig helg!
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2012-03-16 @ 13:45:00
Strålande sol och tokvarmt, det firar jag med glass som extrafrusit i frysen och fötterna på altanräcket
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Honey, I´m home!

2012-03-16 @ 02:26:15
It´s friday, the best of fridays and this little girl just moved in. Whilst my trainer Steve is of fighting (n kicking somebody else but my butt) he sent his assistant Elektra to make sure that I stay on my toes during the weekend.

Steve, you can consider this as a proof of life but I doesn´t mean that you will get her back.
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A night at The Apollo

2012-03-15 @ 07:18:29
So lets take a break from fashion n do some more wining n dining... Yes? Last Saturday night we decided to try one of Sydney newest n hottest restaurants, The Apollo. The place has a ridicules long waiting list and that usually would put me off not to mention the fact that people actually are lining up outside 30 min before they open... but whatever (book in advance) I loved the place, we all did. It's greekfood n it was better then anything I've ever ate in Greece. An the interior, amazing, the entire evening felt like being on the set to "Mama mia". We ordered "The full Greek" n added some things we felt we couldn't live without, such as Saganaki cheese honey oregano n Octopus. Everything was perfect, beautiful, nicely put togheter, great service even tough we were a big group so 10/10. Here´s a place I might even concider camp outside, maybe, n that is if I can bring drinks, a chair n....

Kategorier: What n where to eat 9

Joining the circus

2012-03-14 @ 15:53:00
Less food more outfits, right? (And that will have to be literally too :-) A snap of Saturdaynight look. Blouse // Marlene Birger , Leather shorts // Opening cermony NY
Kategorier: Life 17

Let the sunshine in

2012-03-14 @ 05:43:27
Good morning! A sunny wednesday morning where the sun shines through it all
Flowers outside the small shop on the corner in my building, everyday diffrent shapes n colours, makes me happy
Kategorier: Life 12

Senaste flingan...

2012-03-13 @ 12:35:36
Skim flat white chai w extra cinnamon, "flavor of the week" på mitt kontor (japp det är lite 2008 över chai och jag har varit besatt förr..) men när jag idag vill uppgradera den ytterligare och lägga till soymilk  fick jag det enda rätta svaret från annars fredliga Jeremy; Soph, what do you think?? That my place as turned in to f...cking Starbucks?!? Fair enough.
Kategorier: Sydney 11

All food, no fashion

2012-03-12 @ 15:00:33
This blog has more n more become obsessed w wine n dine and yepp let´s be honest, our Sydney life is a great deal about that but nevertheless now it´s time to leave the table, glam up! This is two of my all time favorites; Blouse from Equipment, have ... too many versions... but feel madly in love w this pink/orange at Intermix/NY and as it always is had to start a treasure hunt worthy bloody Indiana Jones to get my hands on my size. My precious. Leather skirt from Filippa K, felt like a porn star just buying something in black leather (what was I thinking??), got over it n now it´s my "go to guy". Suede pumps from COS
Pics from friday night on my way to meet friends
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Five things from the week (n end)

2012-03-11 @ 13:30:31
Breakfast in the sun, Poached organic pear n peach, granola, honey w passionfruit yoghurt, reading up on magazines, makeing plans, gossiping...

The week overall. Intense. Sunny.
On the good good side:
I got my hands on the one thing from Marni/H&M that I wanted
Hanged out w Steve
Did a batch of Chocolate cupcakes w milkchoco frosting

On the not so good side:
Steve kicked my ass n I can hardly move
I got carried away while eating the cupcakes n now they´re calling me from the fridge again...
Ran 15 km on fluorescence clouds a k a my new Nikes that I picked up at Niketown/NY
Pink n red stripes from Equipment
Hanging out at The Winerys garden in the sunset drinking rose drinks
Booked a big table n tried a new "smoking hot trendy" restaurant w friends
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Fredagsfika - back to basic

2012-03-09 @ 14:32:00
Almond crossiant. Rätt och slätt, alla rätt. Nu snart helg!
Kategorier: Fredagsfika 11

A piece of NY in Sydney

2012-03-09 @ 05:22:50
So this past week has been all about wining n dining. And now it´s a sunny sunny friday again and the weekend are waiting for of us. Before that I have to introduce Sydneys latest (n probably only) diner, Jazz City Diner. We celebrated last fridaynight at this absolutly delisious place. A word of advice before I let a few pics speak for em self... Be hungry. BYO. Invite the owner n chef Dan to your table. Order a milkshake but do not start w that. Everything is good. None of the waitresses are really named Mary Ann...
Kategorier: What n where to eat 12

Ladies all the ladies

2012-03-07 @ 11:50:00
Tuesdaynight hangout w the ladies at The Winery made it feel like friday. Girltalk, wine n food. As simple as that but still sparkling.
Kategorier: What n where to eat 17

Lunch at Gnome

2012-03-07 @ 01:27:30
Solig och fin tisdag i lagom takt. Lunch i solen på Gnome i Surry Hills. Kyckling, ägg, färskt grönt, pistagenötter och avocado, perfect! Klappade på en av stammisarna lite extra...
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Dagens kontor

2012-03-05 @ 11:22:34
Efter ett par timmars jobb på kontoret packade jag ihop datorn och studsade ner till poolen där det hamrades på ett par timmar till.
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Five things in the weekend

2012-03-04 @ 10:09:01
Tried a new breekyplace n loved it
Made big plans over dinner n drinks w friends (wore lipstick!?)

Had a sunday at the beach
Enjoyed homebaked (yes we do cook n bake sometimes)
A small friend in Hyde Park
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Fredagsfika såklart

2012-03-02 @ 14:25:00
Nope, dagens fredagsfika har inte försvunnit innan den blivit både fotad, instagramad, FBad och Whats Appad (dvs den kommer aldrig försvinna varken från nätet eller låren :-). Leverantör även denna gång Black Star Pastry där de även har fin fina mackor, bra spaning och utmärkta förhållanden för tjuvlyssning.

Pick of the day! Star Chocolate Éclair. TO DIE FOR
Kategorier: Fredagsfika 17

Fredagsfika eller?

2012-03-02 @ 14:01:00
Nu är ni nyfikna va? Och lite rädda att jag gjort matbloggarnas dödssynd och ätit upp innan jag fotat i alla vinklar....
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For Esther

2012-03-02 @ 02:13:50

Here you go E, some more photos from a lovely day (using the blog as ftp). And McKay I totally know what your´re thinking, I agree, the day wasn´t THIS good ;-) To everyone else, yes we love, love, love Palm beach n The boathouse, It´s the perfect weekend getaway and I just can´t get enough.
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Välkommen mars!

2012-03-01 @ 23:54:00
Jo men visst, det är säkert nästan vår hemma i Sverige nu....säkert... moooooahaha haha... Men här utlovas det höst så vi får väl se vem som skrattar bäst och sist....

Early morning pre-work at Tamarama beach
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