Five things on a Sunday

2012-07-29 @ 04:57:00
 Truly relaxation
Love from the desert. Turns out that if you are in to eternal sunshine n hardcore heat this is the place to be. We spent the weekend in Palm Springs, at the amazing The Parker. Between the mind-blowing property (with fire pits, hammocks, pools and croquet courts), the decor (done by Jonathan Adler who's store in NY always causes delay) and top it of by adding drinks and world class people/celeb watching by the poolside, I would have been content to never check-out (actually I didn't).
The citrus-colored scene at Norma’s gives every morning a sunny glow

One healthy choise of breakfast, Crispy Belgian Waffle w Fresh Berries and Devonshire Cream
The mountain in the backdrop takes my breath away (even more since I climbed them!)
How could I live without lemonade? From now on a must every sunny day
The opposite of restaurant heaters
Hiking thoose Belgian Waffels of in the desert
Wining n dining by the pool w the LA crowd
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Vacation mode

2012-07-24 @ 17:55:00
Sippin' gin and juice
Layin' underneath the palm trees
Nothing comes close to the golden coast

We are in heaven. Switching off but if you miss me you can follow me on Instagram, karriaristan .
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Santa Cruz

2012-07-24 @ 07:52:00
Was expecting a surf town. Found plastic fantastic, real housewives n tivoli.

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Five things on a Sunday

2012-07-22 @ 23:49:00
The view from W
California, sun and the first hours of summer holiday. San Francisco is the starting point for our road trip around CA. This weekend is impossible to fit in five things or even five highlights but here is a few moments that was caught by the lens.
Morning run along Embarcadero
Saturday morning Farmers market at Ferry Building Marketplace

Drinks n mexican food at Nopalito

Spectaular Highway 1
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Love from SF

2012-07-22 @ 08:46:00
Dear skeleton crew back in Sydney, we are rocking your city! The weather is blazing hot and San Francisco shows us the best of times.

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Sista rycket innan stängning

2012-07-21 @ 07:29:00
Vårens sista kontor rockade självklart hög höjd, lyxiga magasin, bra (bättre) kaffe, svenska smaker och utsikt. Till en början. Efter NY väntade en trip med United. Planet var från den tiden min farfar bossade på SAS, dörren tejpades igen, jag uppmärksammade en potentiell terrorist över gången och höll planet i luften genom att inte släppa honom med blicken och de gånger (4) han besökte toaletten var jag tätt efter och ryckte i dörren. Annars var de svenska delikatesserna bytta mot en kam ribs size XL och till efterrätt rullades en glassmaskin fram… 
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Sommartider hej hej

2012-07-20 @ 20:50:54
Kort men gott. En sväng i Sverige, jobb på "rätt tid" och sommarliv. Efter en lite avig start där jag efter en natt i ostbågeställning på flyget från SYD väcktes av kapten som meddelar att sommar Sverige bjuder på 12,5 grad och regn (jag grät en ursinnestår) blev det bara bättre. Jag har frossat i västkust och östkust, doppat huvudet i både sött och salt hav, grillat mig till en solbränna, njutit av att ströva runt barfota i gräset och vägrat att gå in under ljusa kvällar.

Men nu väntar nya äventyr. Go west säger jag och packar för både hajk och drinkar!

Härliga skaldjur
Sommar i en kruka
Blå blå vindar och vatten
Det har plöjts svenska deckare av blandad kvalité
Bästa sällskapet
Mat över öppen eld dieten?
Vackra blommor i mammas trädgård
Delikatesser högt o lågt
Sommar i en skål
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2012-07-13 @ 12:45:00
Last week I paid hyped n pretty newly opened 4Fourteen a visit. After a few dead tries to get at table on a weekend night I decided Thursday is so much more the right day, especially this Thursday night w torrential rain drowning Sydney. Anyway. The interior is rustic n you immediately feel at home or at least as if you been here before, and lets be real, you have. It's nothing new to 4Fourteen, its trendy, homeish, open kitchen, high sealing, mixed posh crowd n the menu is shared plates. The staff is lovely, the food is genuine n creative. It´s a great place for a casual dinner date or w a bigger crowd, a k a "dates" where its not all about the restaurant more the company. (My date Emma gets 10/10) With that said, I absolutely recommend 4Fourteen.
Order: Irish Breakfast, it's a good choice if you like stylish "hang over food"
Also a good order: Lamb Breast, Eggplant, Sorrel, White Anchovy and Red Pepper
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Today I want...

2012-07-12 @ 15:46:06
...this green vespa
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Five things on a Sunday

2012-07-08 @ 05:12:00
The big L
This weekend in Aussie land was spent celebrating. I overdosed good friends without any side effects and as usuall aimed for a mixture of high activity / flat out on the couch. A very good weekend w lots of love.
Wining n dining at Fratteli Paradiso w the best of friends who know a thing or to about Italy
No weekend is complet without hanging out in a bar w my man. If you are close you must swing by Pocket Bar and try thees winter creations, Fidelfip n Day of the dead. 
Centennial Park, sun, food, wine, Baxter and Cornelis Vreeswijk. A tipical Aussie Sunday w a Swedish twist.
 Beach walk
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Fredagsfika stand in

2012-07-04 @ 02:08:00
Fredagsfikan och jag har gjort slut, tagit en pause. Vi kände båda att det var dags för en förändring. Jag var besviken på klängigheten, att jag inte fick utrymme utan att Fredagsfikan stannade kvar på mig även efter vår stund var över. Kanske hittar vi tillbaka till varann igen. Tills dess, bjuder jag på onsdagsfrukost. Sen får mat och hundar ge plats för mer fashion igen.
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Rise n Shine

2012-07-03 @ 03:25:25
Morgonkaffe på bryggan
Morgonhumör på topp
Vi var alla uppe m tuppen (a k a Baxter) och sladdade runt bland Sydneys morgonpigga i parken. Kaffe på bryggan inramat av kluckande vågor och sång i masterna, lät en liten kompis vinna dragkamp ca 1 000 gg i rad, sprang på en efterlängtad vännina och drog en espresso m skvaller på stående fot. Hatten av för sommarmorgon mitt i vintern och småstadskänsla i en världsmetropol!
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Five things on a Sunday

2012-07-01 @ 13:38:25

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe. That good luck saying pretty much sums up this lovely weekend in the middle of Sydney winter. It´s been wining n dining (not an activity referred to as new ;-), we visited Neild Avenue with is kind of a newcomer on the restaurant scene. The interior is impressive, an old warehouse, high ceiling, graffiti, a little piece of NYs Meatpacking District. That usual weekend indulgent craved movement and fresh air, the result of that was a 15 km hike in The Royal National Park along the coast. Stunning views, close to death encounters w wildlife and whale watching. Also we've strolled around w little Baxter, spent time on the baloncy, made magic in the kitchen n watched a friend have a complet meltdown over an IKEA manual... I hope you all had a smashing weekend!
Campari is an old summer favorite but here served in a new way. NO 8 - campari, belvedere vodka, ruby grapefruit
New (trendy) artwork every sixth month
We where all very excited to try a new place in a new part of town
The city in the far distance
The trail is hanging of a clif and right outside in the ocean whales are moving to warmer water
Pancakes at our Sunday brekkie spot
Something borrowed
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