Friday night outfit

2012-04-30 @ 06:53:03

Dress // Acne Mallory SS12, jacket // Acne SS11, shoes // Christian Louboutin studs, bag // Rebecca Minkoff AW10

Almost straight of the plane I was about to hit the Sydney nightlife. I threw on one of the Acne dresses that I caught in the run on my way to the airport n lucky for me it was a fit, love it!
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Five things since we last talked

2012-04-29 @ 11:36:51
Reward dinner at Urban Deli
It's Sunday afternoon n the world tour is officially over for this time. I'm back in Sydney, enjoying the feeling of being home. All my travels the last month has been amazing although I wished for a little bit more spring in Sweden. A lot of exciting things has gone down at work, plenty of girl talk  over dins n wine, a hairy night w one sassy lady n 3 jugs of Sangria at La Boqueria, meetings and plans in my spot at Albert n Jacks. N then heading back, arriving in a sunny Sydney, brekky by the sea n a run in the gardens made my heart sing. Friday night was drinks, friends, more drinks at a new exciting place next door n a party w fashion bloggers. Early Saturday morning we headed for Hunter Valley, Wine country, for wine tasting, bbq, games n hang w a group of friends. Tomorrow is a new week, Sydney Fashion week. Let's roll!

F--ck Kalles Kaviar, candy n snow, the only thing I miss is the ladies
My everyday, allday spot
426 hazy n 1 sharp. It´s a wrap.
Back home
New kid on my block, The Fish Shop (more to come...) n my friend Charlie looking stunning as always

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I´m always on the same time - my time

2012-04-27 @ 14:42:00
yeah, kinda, no time for jet lag even if I just landed in Sydney. Last 48 hours has been crazy so lets crunch some numbers before the weekend kicks in. I have;  travelled 22 km by bike, 15 000 km by plane, had 4 meetings in Stockholm n 1 over Skype in BKK, spent 24 h on planes, carried my overweight (16 kg) spread out in 6 plastic bags from the fancy departmentstore NK, bought 3 magical dresses from Acne, 2 pair of shoes from Zara, a Dagmar sweater (not my colour), swedish candy n masse. As usuall had chicken n omelette on every flight, sent 165 emails in offline mode, not slept. All this wearing my pink suede high heels.
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The last random 1/2

2012-04-16 @ 18:10:15
A few (ok, quite a few...) snaps, highlights n Q/A from Thailand before I´m moving on from this trip. You´ve seen glimpses from theese places before, the flower n veggie market, rooftops, tempel, buddhas, China town, beach life n a lot of happy happy times!

Maybe there will have to be more then only one more post from Thailand...
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Five things in the weekend

2012-04-15 @ 21:25:31

Finding yourself suddenly back in your life is a bittersweet symphony of mixed emotions, love n an overwhelming feeling on how much you miss your people n places. Friday afternoon I swapped my desk in the office for working on the train to Gothenburg. Wining, dining n gossiping. Revisiting my old hoods n strolling around. But time is short, come saturday night I was back in Stockholm in time for dinner. And all to fast a very happy weekend ended w a sunny sunday w breakfast in my spot at my favorite place, a 10 km run n an amazing gourmet dinner. I´m a lucky girl.
Treated like a princesse
Beautiful C
Wanted to own or a least stay forever in the showroom/shop of ever so stylish Wakakuu
My spot and my go to place for coffee, breakfast or just a hug, Cafe Dello Sport
Thoose italian men...
Sunday dinner
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The time traveler

2012-04-14 @ 16:17:39

I went from autumn to summer and finally arrived in spring. Or that was at least what I feel that I was promised, but so far Sweden has shown nothing but grey skies n cold weather. On the bright side, I get to spend time w friends n family n love is all around. Soon enough I will be back in the sun. happy Saturday!
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Bird and Bear Boathouse

2012-04-12 @ 10:26:00
Not only have I been unfaithful, I've also fallen in love w a new breeky/lunch place, Bird and Bear Boathouse. You guys know that I'm slightly obsessed w The Boathouse Palm Beach and this is another boathouse w gorgeous setting n lovely food. Located in Elizabeth Bay it's almost in my backyard! Went for breeky a week before my trip n went back every day till I left. It's not only the food n the place, it's also the people. Handsome Dale n his staff make you feel so at home n welcome that you immediately wanna be one of the regulars.
A mixture of the Hamptons n Carribbeans
Everywhere thoose small details
Best muesli I've had in Sydney
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Five things in the weekend

2012-04-09 @ 18:40:00
Ooh how we love extended weekends. This one has been all about soaking up the last of the sun and a magic vacation.
Ate lunch at the same reastaurant at the beach every day and got to pick my favorite over n over
Had a dip in the pool in the warm rain
Fell in love w the sunset every night
Talked about hopes n dreams whilst burning ballons slowly floated into the dark sky
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Postcard from today (on request)

2012-04-05 @ 18:19:58
Just hanging out, taking dips in the ocean n the pool, getting massages n eating yummy food, enjoying two for one in happy hour n watching the sunset. Everything in vacation pace. Biggest occupation right now is to work out how to stay here longer, much longer. Until then, from all of us to all of you happy easter! Cheers!
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Good morning

2012-04-05 @ 05:37:38
The magic of the morning light on the beach n having breakfast w your feets in the sand. I wish time could slow down.
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Greetings from Thailand

2012-04-03 @ 18:15:31
Dear family n friends, we are having a fantastic time in Thailand! Here´s some snaps from our beach villa, pool, the beach n coctails in the sunset.
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Five things in the weekend

2012-04-02 @ 12:57:34
Saturday morning breeky at Bird and Bear in the sun before I waved god bye to Sydney for a while.

Ended the week on a good note w drinks in awsome Pocket bar, n with that kicked of a weekend that was gonna take place in various locations. So actually, this weekends five things could be a hundred but lets go for six.
Watched the sun set n raise from one of our balconys in the hotelroom
Wandered around for hours in the never ending buzzling flower-and veggie market
Our guide Niwat (from Tour with Tong wich I more than highly recommend) took us on an amazing day up n down the streets of Bangkok
Visited countless of stunning temples (even climbed one) layed eyes on maybe 1 000 Buddahs, burned candles and wished for a happy ever after.
Got overwhelmed by the friendly locals of the city
Hanged out in roof top bars in the heat of the night
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